Sweet spot loops

an online exhibition


Welcome to my first solo online exhibition which is part of Sydney Craft Week. These12 textile-based works began on a residency at the Australian Design Centre in February, where I created fabrics and a whole new approach to design. I called the work SweetSpot, because it came from the place where my art and design practices overlap. I am very excited about this new work - as excited as I was when I started on the prototype designs for ClothFabric back in 1995. 

Not long after my ADC  residency finished, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, creating the strange disruption we’ve been living through ever since. Whether it is a hiatus or a new normal, life since the pandemic struck has thrown us all for a loop. There’s anxiety and more time at home: for some, time alone feels stressful, and for others, it’s a quiet hunkering down - close to nature, if we are lucky. The need to stay in one place has prompted us to look at it differently each day - that’s the curious upside of these strange times. 

The works I’ve created for this show point to this blessing. The show is a series of one-off stencil-printed and embroidered fabric panels. The compositions are cut from one 10 metre long piece originally created at ADC. Each work is stitched and finished with its own mountain ash gum branch to hang as a loop on the wall. You can adjust the loop by gently pulling downwards whenever you fancy, to show a different part of the work, creating a new composition each time. These are both resolved artworks in their own right, and also, prototypes for a new collection of commercially printed textile designs coming in 2021. 


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