Multiprint-Boardwalk spots and stripes

Multiprint-Boardwalk spots and stripes


One-off multiprint of Boardwalk and Spotcheck with overlays of random stripes and spots. A lovely overprinting of an olive green, warm charcoal, sepia and chocolate on midweight cream hemp. Oh I do like this one.

82cm wide x 49 cm deep

  • Use

    This piece of mid weight hemp would make a lovely skirt panel as the hemp is wonderful to wear. Of course it would also look fab stretched over a wooden frame and made into an artwork too. 

  • Care

    The fabric has been heat set so is washable. Use cool water with a mild detergent. After washing the texture of the fabric will show through. It is this worn in, imperfect look that we like best.

  • Returns

    If you don't like the fabric as much as we do, please let us know. If you get in touch within a few days, we will be happy to take it back but would want a chat with you first, just to see why.

  • Freight

    Just $7 to post within Australia and approximately double that for international.


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