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Community Garden Oddment - Australian Natives #2

Community Garden Oddment - Australian Natives #2


A leftover piece (53cm x 60cm) from The Community Garden Project devoted to Australian Native plants in 2023. This handsome piece is ready for you to embellish with gloriously imperfect hand-stitching. You'll get into a flow state and enjoy the mental health benefits of slow-stitching. Once you've finished you can use the piece to repair something you love - like a faithful old pair of jeans or a stained cushion cover. Or you can make something from scratch.

This unique hand-printed piece features Banksias, Sturt's Desert pea, Isopogon, Eucalyptus leaves, gumnuts and ferns.

  • Shipping

    It costs AUD 18 to ship by registered mail with Australia Post. 

  • Specs

    Stencil printed on patchworked deadstock linen.

    Approx 53cm x 60cm.

  • Returns

    I'm not sure why you'd want to return this unique hand printed beauty, but if you do, please get in touch by email at 

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