Cushion Connect Charcoal

Cushion Connect Charcoal


This  double sided cushion cover is printed on a heavy weight unholstery linen. Graphic and full of energy, it's an eye catching option for a boring old sofa, thats for sure.

Connect is a design I created a few years ago with is a nod to my youth, when we all got together around the dining table to play board games instead of watching TV.

Connect 7 was one of my favourites.


If this cushion is showing out of stock, send me an email to place an order as we have the fabric available to make from.


  • Specs

    Cushion cover only.

    100% heavyweight linen, 50cm x 50cm with chunky side zip.

    This cushion is made from my commercially printed fabric so each one is very similar to the next. Although of course, there are small variations within the pattern and the texture and it is these variations that make each piece unique. And, in a nutshell, this is why I love handprinting so much. It has so much personality.

    Long live handscreenprinting!

  • Returns and Shipping

    If you're not happy with your cushion I am happy to accept a return so long as it is within a couple of days of receiving the parcel. But please get in touch for a chat before you do that, thank you.

    One cushion cover costs AUD $7.00 to send out to Australian customers through Australia Post. If you live in a different country, it will be approximately double that.

  • Also

    These days I prefer to sell just the cushion covers on line.  I do it to keep the freight costs down and the less we ship bulky items unnecessarily the better. So the best way is for you to go direct to the cushion manufacturer. There are some great sustainable cushion insert manufacturers around and although squishy feather cushion inserts feel luxurious and old fashioned like our Grandmas ones did,  these days I'm not so sure about the ethics behind using animal bits to rest my head on. So instead, I recommend buying from a company such as who use recycled plastic bottles in theirs. Bouncy, soft and animal cruelty free.