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Equanimity Tree - Weathery

Equanimity Tree - Weathery


I paint my Equanimity trees in small batches, when the mood comes upon me. That mood is a peaceful one, calm and medatitive. When Im feeling that way, this is what I want to do.


Weathery was painted in October 2022 on holidays in St Ives, Cornwall. I used the thick cardboard from the back of my sketchbook, having no other surface left to paint on.

  • Specs

    Ink and watercolour on board


    Dimensions are 16 x 18cm

  • Shipping

    I'll package up your artwork carefully in bubblewrap, and send it out to you by registered mail via Australia Post. It'll cost $12. If you live overseas please get in touch for an estimate for freight.

  • Returns

    You can return this artwork if you feel the need to, but before you do, please get in touch by email to discuss options at 

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