Fire Affected  - Recovery

Fire Affected - Recovery


I created this small group of screenprints just after the big fires of 2019. I thought I was printing a group of napkins but the burnt mountain landscape was etched in my mind.  Intuitively I created these simple overprinted compositions and realise many months later that I was making what I was seeing when we look out over the Mountains around where we live. Charcoal coloured trees with small signs of life growing amongst them.

  • Description

    Screenprinted artwork on linen. Unframed. 41x41cm

  • Returns

    If you don't like the artwork as much as we do, please let us know. If you get in touch within a few days, we will be happy to take it back but would want a chat with you first, just to see why.

  • Postage

    It costs AUD $5 to mail out to Australian addresses through Australia Post. If you live outside Australia, it will be $10.