Multiprint - Moonbirds and button grass


A one off multiprint using an early silkscreens of a flock of birds based on a lino print of a local grey currawong layered with my buttongrass screen. It looks like the birds are looking at a distant moon and is a version of a composition I've printed over the years many times on bits of wood but never on fabric. The base cloth is a piece of mid weight raw linen and the print colours are olive, copper and chocolate. Dimensions are 70cm wide x 63cm deep

  • Use

    This linen is a midweight fabric. You would probably want to turn this one into an artwork or a cushion cover. You could use it for an upholstery project but I think I would hang it on the wall.


  • Care

    The fabric has been heat set so is washable. Use cool water with a mild detergent. After washing the texture of the fabric will show through. Its this worn in, imperfect look that we like best.

  • Returns

    If you don't like the fabric as much as we do, please let us know. If you get in touch within a few days, we will be happy to take it back but would want a chat with you first, just to see why.

  • Postage

    It costs AUD $5 to mail out to Australian addresses through Australia Post. If you live outside Australia, it will be $10.


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