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Multiprint - Spotcheck, Spotcheck + Spotcheck


Multiprint trial fabric piece using Spotcheck overprinted in nut brown, pale dusty blue and a splash of orange on heavy weight cream hemp. Dimensions - 60cm wide x 61cm deep

  • Use

    This piece of heavy weight cream hemp is big enough to upholster a small chair, or make into a bag, or a skirt panel or the front of a big cushion. 

  • Care

    The fabric has been heat set so is washable. Use cool water with a mild detergent. After washing the texture of the fabric will show through. Its this worn in, imperfect look that we like best.

  • Returns

    Happy to return the fabric if you get in touch within a few days, but chat with us first, just to see why you've changed your mind.

  • Postage

    Costs $5 to post within Australia. Email me for international shipping rates if you live overseas.