New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater


We have a lot of native bush at our place and this is where the small birds hang out. I love watching them -  they're the underdogs, the nervous scrub dwellers. I photograph and draw them and engrave the drawings onto a thin metal coated board and tint them with watercolour. This technique brings out the fine detail and personality of each bird. Every one is a character. 

  • Specs

    Metal coated board on black plywood, sealed and protected with beeswax. Ready to hang with a hand made wire loop on the back. Artwork dimensions are 17cm x 15cm.

  • Shipping

    It costs AUD $7 to mail out your small bird to Australian addresses through Australia Post protected in bubblewrap. If you live outside Australia, it will be more like $20

  • Returns

    You can return this artwork if youre not happy with it, but before you do, please get in touch by email to discuss the options.


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