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Scrapcloth Rusty lampshade


Rusty is a small hand sewn soft structured lampshade that fits onto a base. It is made from a bundle of warm orange, golden and natural coloured offcuts. The lampshade internal wire rings are salvaged from a second hand shade and it fits all standard Australian lampbases. The small scale and intense colouring of this shade means it works well with a simple wooden base as a side light in the living room or as a bedside lamp.

  • Specs

    Made from overdyed linen, hemp and jute, printed and plain. Dimensions are 15cm diametre and 20 cm tall. The lamp base in the photo is for reference only. I picked it up at a second hand shop the other day and painted in grey then sanded it back for a bit of worn in charm. The orange and the grey look good I reckon.

  • Returns

    This shades are all hand sewn, one off , unique and oozing with personality. They are all made by me in the studio using all recycled materials. These shades look and feels organic, imperfect and very tactile. If, on receiving the shade, it isn't what you expected, I am happy to accept it back. Lets talk about it first though.

  • Shipping

    This shade costs AUD $5.00 to send out to Australian customers through Australia Post. If you live outside Australia, email me and I'll calculate postage for your order.