Tea Towel Red bottle

Tea Towel Red bottle


The Bottle tea towel in red on pure linen. Hang it on the wall - or even dry the dishes with it. Either way, it’s a jaunty addition to the domestic environment. 

Hand printed by me in my Blackheath studio in batches of 10.

If this product is out of stock please email me to order a new one and I'll get printing.

  • Specs

    Handprinted on 100% linen. Needs washing a couple of times to make the linen soft and absorbent to dry the dishes effectively.

    Dimensions are 70 x 50 cm.

  • Returns

    No two handprinted teatowels will be exactly the same - the flaws are a part of what makes each one unique. I'm not sure why you'd want to return your Bottle teatowel, but if you do, please get in touch by email at julie@juliepaterson.com.au. 

  • Shipping

    It costs AUD $7.00 to mail out up to two Bottle teatowels to Australian addresses through Australia Post. If you live outside Australia, it will be probably double that.


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