Token for Rough Track Workshop


You want to buy someone special the optimum experience of being in flow - a workshop up in my space in the Blue Mountains. It's tricky when you are not sure which workshop they can get to. That's where this token comes into its own. Whether its a token of your love or gratitude or respect, this is the gift of creativity and perspective. It's a beautiful thing.

This Cloth token gets your loved one a LookDrawPrint workshop in my studio on the Rough Track at Blackheath. 

Even better news, this token isn't an underwhelming cut-out or laser printed lameness. I want you and your lucky someone to have a great experience at the moment of giving, so when they open the hand-sewn brown paper envelope they'll find something I've put some heart into. 

I've designed and hand-printed these two sided tokens on upcycled fabric off-cuts. Every one of them is a bit different - the one in the photo here is an example. They are all individually numbered, and they feel friendly and honest. (This hand-making takes time and materials, and the cost of these has been included in the total here.) Frame them, box them, sew them over the hole on your jeans... Honestly, they are the handsomest gift tokens I've ever made. 



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