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que sera sera

Originally part of my SWEETSPOT LOOPS online exhibition at Sydney Craft Week, where I named each piece for a song or album.


This is a bit of a tribute to my mum, who is called Doris, but 2020 certainly seems like an appropriate time to sing 'Whatever will be, will be/ The future's not ours to see/ Que sera, sera.' 


Hand-printed on vintage Irish linen and Russian linen, hand-stitched with cotton thread and merino wool. 


This work is stitched and finished with its own mountain ash branch with either two leather straps or one long pendant strap to hang as a loop on the wall - you choose which you'd prefer. 

You can adjust the loop by gently pulling downwards whenever you fancy, to show a different part of the work, creating a new composition each time.

W 50cm

L 93cm

AUD $1400

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