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Originally part of my SWEETSPOT LOOPS online exhibition at Sydney Craft Week, where I named each piece for a song lyric or album I love.

It was in the early 70s that Gil Scott-Heron wrote and recorded 'Lady Day and John Coltrane,' which reminds us all that music is a wonderful and reliable refuge. We can always call on Billie Holiday to wash our troubles away. Thank goodness.

Hand-printed on vintage Irish linen and hemp, hand-stitched with silk cotton thread. 

This piece is ready to hang with its own mountain ash branch and two painted rope straps. 


You can adjust the loop by gently pulling downwards whenever you fancy, to show a different part of the work, creating a new composition each time.


W 29

L 96 cm


AUD $860


How to hang your SweetSpot Loop

Just like the times we live in, this work can't be framed in the traditional way. It's designed to be turned as the mood takes you.

It's important to hang it in a relaxed way. There's two ways to do it. 

You could hang the branch from two leather straps. I always nail them into timber or gyprock, or screw them into masonry. 

The alternative is a leather pendant that we attach to both ends of the branch. Then you can sling your SweetSpot Loop from a single hook or nail. 

Either way, tell us which you prefer at time of purchase.

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