Imperfect Manifesto

Imperfect Manifesto


One fine spring afternoon with a glass of wine in the backyard, Manda and I wrote down how we wanted to live. What we wrote became the Imperfect Manifesto.

  • Specs

    Imperfect Manifestos are handprinted on cotton. Each one is a little different but they are roughly the size of a tea towel. Something like 46cm x 63cm. Each Manifesto is left unfinished incase you want to frame it. I've ( badly) hand sewn a hem along mine and found a stick to hang it off a nail in the loo. Perfection.

  • Returns

    No two handprinted manifestos will be exactly the same - the flaws are a part of what makes each one unique. I'm not sure why you'd want to return your Imperfect Manifesto, but if you do, please get in touch by email at 

  • Shipping

    It costs AUD $5.00 to mail out up to three Imperfect Manifestos to Australian addresses through Australia Post. If you live outside Australia, email me and I'll calculate postage for your order.


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