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Community Garden oddments

Taking drawings from community collaborators, I stencil print this unique fabric for the purpose of being used as a canvas for slow-stitching. Slow-stitching by hand gets you into a calming flow state. It's soothing and lovely, and after you've finished the stitching you can use the piece to repair something you love, or make something from scratch. 

10,000 hour clay project pots

The visible numbered pot is a symbol - clearly indicating where that pot comes in the time line of my 10,000 hour goal. 

Book and Imperfect Manifesto

Aspiration and inspiration

ScrapCloth bundles

For making and proud, sustainable visible mending

Want to buy an artwork? 

If you'd like to see my artworks, head to my new STOCK ROOM page. It's kind of like visiting my studio to see what pieces I have for sale.

Some are on paper, some on found bits of wood, some on linen, and soon there'll be some on clay. 

Nip in to see

SweetSpot Loops

ScrapWood artworks

Small Birds of Blackheath etchings

and one-off multiprints. 

Vale, dear old Harry dog. We miss you a lot. 

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