imperfect workshops for the creatively curious

Everyone is born creative

But it's an instinct that gets crushed in so many people, often at school. Little kids love to draw, but by high school so many kids have decided that they can't draw. 


The tighter people hold onto their perfectionism, the more their work becomes stiff and brittle and unoriginal. It's hard to create if your inner critic is hissing in your ear all the time.


I've designed my imperfect workshops to loosen and lighten you up, to rid you of the demon of perfectionism that's squatting on your shoulder.

LookDrawPrint and EveryoneCanDraw are hands-on experiences for the creatively curious, where I teach how to embrace chance and imperfection and focus on process.

My workshops gently ease you back into a more forgiving mindset, allow to you to experience flow and to create something uniquely yours, made with your own hands.

Imperfect workshops are about creative recovery

Everyone can draw, even with their eyes closed. Even standing on one leg. Even with one arm tied behind their back. You'll see. 

I've designed this experimental drawing workshop to help you get drawing again, tapping into the pure pleasure of responding to what you see. You'll be drawing in a way that's loose and fluid, intuitive and gestural. It will probably get messy and it will definitely feel good. 


Can Draw


Some of my LookDrawPrint workshops happen in Sydney and some are held further afield. Over the years I've taught all over the country - at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Koskela and North Sydney Community Centre in Sydney, Ministry of Handmade and Side Gallery in Brisbane, Armidale Regional Gallery, Grampians Texture at Halls Gap, Newcastle Art Space and a wee church hall in Coonamble. 

Scroll down to see what I've got coming up...

When and where

My favourite place to run a workshop is in my studio space in Blackheath NSW, right next to the Blue Mountains National Park above the Grand Canyon Walk.


There are some planned workshops listed below, but if you want a bespoke workshop, please get in touch.


And if you do one of my Blue Mountains workshops, the best thing is, you can also book to stay on our land in one of our cosy ironstone cabins. 

Workshops at my place

Sat, Feb 13
Kara Wood's workshop Block O
LookDrawPrint Fabric + Clay Workshop Newcastle FEB 13+14 2021
I've teamed up with Kara Wood to offer up this double workshop in Newcastle. Over two days you'll create artwork from scratch for both fabric and clay, like this lovely work by Julie. (Not me, another Julie.)

upcoming workshops

Everyone is born creative, and every day is an opportunity to perform a new creative act.

- The Imperfect Manifesto -


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