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Community Garden Oddment - Seeds and Fruit #3

Community Garden Oddment - Seeds and Fruit #3


Extra piece (47cm x 45cm) from The Community Garden Art Project devoted to seeds and fruit in 2023.

This handsome piece of fabric is ready for you to embellish with gloriously imperfect embroidery. You'll get into a flow state and enjoy the mental health benefits of slow-stitching. Once you've finished you can use the piece to repair something you've loved and bring it back to life.

Perhaps it's a  worn out cushion cover that you stitch this artwork to, or maybe you've got an old calico shopping bag that you could make into something you'd take with you on a date. Or you might cut it into pieces and patchwork onto some boring curtains, or repair the holes in your jeans, put pockets on a dress..

The ideas are endless really.

This unique hand-stencilled piece features Banksia seed pods, seeding sedge, nasturtium pods, rosellas, blueberries, pears, cherries,  acorns, gone to seed parsley flowers, two types of poppy seed pods, callistemon and passion fruit. All based on the drawings that Community Gardeners have sent to me from around the world.

  • Shipping

    It costs AUD 18 to ship by registered mail with Australia Post. 

  • Specs

    Stencil printed on patchworked deadstock linen.

    Approx 47cm x 45cm.

  • Returns

    I'm not sure why you'd want to return this unique hand printed beauty, but if you do, please get in touch by email at 

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