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ScrapCloth Bundle - Naturally

SKU: 0001

One of the great pleasures in my work is curating the fabric scraps for ScrapCloth bundles. I love working through combinations of patterns and colours that can be best used to upcycle a curtain or a cushion or a skirt front. Every bundle has been considered. It's a lucky dip, but everyone's lucky. 

  • Returns

    Happy to return the bundle if you get in touch within a few days, but chat with us first, just to see why you've changed your mind.

  • Specs

    I like to make these bundles up pretty generously. A small ScrapCloth bundle contains scraps that will cover an area of at least 45cm x 45cm. 

    A big bundle of ScrapCloth covers an area of at least 75cm x 75 cm. 

  • Shipping

    One ScrapCloth bundle, either big or small, costs AUD $5.00 to mail out through Australia Post. If you want to buy multiple bundles, or if you live outside Australia, email me and I'll calculate postage for your order.